Formwork tie systems

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SPI  Equip offers a full range of Dywidag and Bar Tie tie systems, including bar, nuts, water stops and anchors.


The SPI Concrete Anchor (15CA102) has a 15/17mm Dywidag (Bar Tie) thread and is used to create a tie point in existing rock and concrete. These tie points are a load bearing tie point used for anchoring formwork, screens, climbing forms, access platforms or any other application. The 15CA102 is set in to a diameter 32mm hole which is drilled in to a rock or concrete load bearing structure to create this anchoring point. Please refer to our compliance report for details of the 15CA102 capacity.

The concrete anchor is also available in 20mm by order.

  • Bar Tie Concrete Anchor
    Threaded type & size
    Anchor length
    Hole size for anchor
  • Detail
    15/17mm Dwyidag
    Insert in to a 32mm hole, client to determine depth
    Threaded tested for MWL 97kN, client to determine pull out load