Formwork tie systems

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SPI  Equip offers a full range of bar tie nuts.


The Cast In Anchor (15CIA) has a 15/17mm Dywidag thread and is used to create a tie point that uses a 15/17mm Dywidag or Bar Tie thread bar. These tie points are a load bearing tie point used for anchoring screens, climbing forms, formwork, access platforms or any application where the 15CIA can be set in wet concrete to create a future anchoring point.

This can be adapted for the 20mm as well.

  • Bar Tie Concrete Anchor
    Threaded type & size
    Anchor length
    Hole size for anchor
  • Detail
    15/17mm Dwyidag
    Insert in to a 32mm hole, client to determine depth
    Threaded tested for MWL 97kN, client to determine pull out load