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SPI Speedshor is a modular scaffold system designed for shoring and high loads, whilst also providing safe access.

  • SPI Speedshor is made from high quality steel and is zinc-coated to ensure durability and load performance.
  • Speedshor has a standard 60mm diameter unlike most other scaffolds. This increases the safe work load and reduces the amount of ledges and bracing required. It can also mean the difference between a 1.5m head clearance and a 2m head clearance.
  • Speedshor has a captive steel board system with handrails that comply with industry 2m fall rules.
  • We also offer Hop Up platforms which can be used to support SPI Expandadek panels or a C60 jack.
  • SPI Speedshor has stacking notches for ease of storing. It also has stair treads that work in a 1.8m x 0.9m bay, which also suits SPI Expandadek.
  • SPI Speedshor utilises the C60 Shoring jacks.