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We have a wealth of experience across the civil and commercial construction industries.

Over the last 16 plus years, SPI Equip has built a strong reputation among formworkers, builders, construction teams and other businesses in the building industry. Our reputation extends across Australia and reaches from residential builders to project managers on commercial and industrial projects. We got where we are today because we understand these industries. Through years of working closely with formworkers and construction professionals, we forged a deep understanding of the pain points of these professions and how to solve them. When you trust us with your formwork frames in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Ipswich, you are investing in that knowledge and commitment to service.

Our Formwork Products

The formwork products we sell at SPI Equip combine all the things that form workers have always told us they wanted: quality, durability, reliability, ease of use, compatibility and versatility. These factors also form the backbone of our business, which is committed to serving as a true ‘one stop shop’ for formwork supply needs. Whether you need a new formwork frame in Ipswich or a concrete release agent in Gold Coast, we can provide it. Furthermore, we deliver quality in everything we sell, and most of our products can be integrated and used together. You could be laying the foundation for a house or designing a concrete wall for a new factory: either way, you can always count on our formwork supplies and accessories.

Case in point is our formwork frames. We stock an array of frames in different heights. These frames not only support our shoring system, but they also mean that every form worker can find a frame to suit their project by working with us. These frames are also coated to ensure durability and tested two-high, to deliver stable form working for even the trickier vertical mould casts.

Our formwork frames also extend to columns. If your building project design includes columns—either for structural purposes or decorations—we have column forms that make it easy to add those features to your structure. We craft the forms themselves from plastic and cardboard, but they are surprisingly durable and weatherproof, and their lightweight design makes them easy to handle. We have column forms available in a range of diameters and lengths, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of the most significant number of clients possible.

Learn More about SPI Equip and Our Formwork Frames in Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane

Across the board, SPI Equip’s products are designed to provide uncomplicated solutions to complex problems. From moulding concrete forms to individual specifications to bracing vertical formwork moulds, all the way to designing structurally sound concrete columns, we can deliver solutions that will move your project forward with quality and peace of mind. To learn more about our business, or to get help finding the right formwork frame in Gold Coast, Ipswich or Brisbane, give us a call today.

We look forward to helping you find solutions to your pain points, as we have for years of form workers and construction teams before you.