Prepare for Your Next Construction Project with the Help of SPI Equip: We Provide Formwork Frames, Form Props, Formwork Ties and Other Formwork Accessories in Brisbane and Ipswich

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We have a wealth of experience across the civil and commercial construction industries.

At SPI Equip, we have been partnering with builders, property developers and construction companies for more than 16 years. We provide construction supplies that are high quality, cost-effective and endlessly reliable. In particular, we work with clients in the early stages of their construction projects. We are most known for providing formwork, formwork frames and related accessories. These moulds are vital to the success of a building project because they serve as the ‘skeleton’ onto which concrete and other elements of the structure are built. We understand the importance of this role and the responsibility it puts on our shoulders and take our job very seriously as a result. We are proud to provide the materials and supplies that serve as the backbone for many buildings in the Sydney and Brisbane areas.

About Our Formwork Products

In addition to formwork moulds and formwork frames, SPI Equip also provides a variety of accessories for formwork. These include props, ties, formwork plastic fillet and more. These systems all work in harmony to provide a stable frame for a concrete structure.

For the formwork itself, we offer versatile and cost-effective solutions for every customer. Our formwork is designed and built in accordance with Australian Standard AS3610 and is completely safe and stable. Many clients have relied on our formwork moulds for shaping concrete and framing in new construction projects, and our systems have thus far delivered high-level results. You can expect the same level of quality for your project.

For formwork framing, SPI Equip stocks a range of different frame heights to support our shoring systems, which themselves are crucial for bracing high loads or other unstable parts of an in-progress structure. These frames include a thick gel coating, which helps deliver high levels of strength and durability. Unlike other manufacturers, our SPI 6’ & 7’ frames have 4’ and 5’ brace lock centres, so they are compatible with most other systems. If you are looking for formwork frames in Ipswich or Brisbane, you can trust ours for versatility and reliability.

For formwork ties, know that SPI Equip manufactures both coil tie and bar tie systems in-house. Our coil ties are strong, reliable, fast to apply and completely reusable. Our bar ties, meanwhile, are uniquely suited to high loads.

Our formwork props, finally, are ideal for providing quick, simple and safe means of temporary support, where necessary.

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All these formwork products and accessories are a must in construction projects involving concrete. From foundations for residential properties to the walls of commercial and industrial buildings, SPI Equip’s products have been used to form the initial moulds or skeletons for many structures throughout Australia. If your business is in the market for formwork frames (or other formwork accessories) in Ipswich or Brisbane, you can always count on us. Contact us today to learn more.

SPI provides high quality, cost-effective and reliable construction supplies.