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At SPI Equip, we pride ourselves not only on having one of the most extensive selections of formwork accessories in the Gold Coast area but also on boasting one of the best customer service teams around. Our team understands the highly technical and potentially confusing nature of the products we sell and works closely with each customer to make sure that we meet their individual needs. Our job is to help you solve your problems, no matter their nature.

How We Solve Your Construction Site Problems

In the early stages of a construction project, many of the most common problems are related to formwork. The formwork moulds aren’t quite right; you don’t have the correct formwork nails to get everything ready for the concrete pouring step; you need a specific size of formwork fillet, to create edges in the concrete for panels or architectural grooves. Without the right formwork components or accessories, entire projects can grind to a screeching halt.

At SPI Equip, we help you with all things formwork in Gold Coast. Do you need a set of formwork nails in a specific size? We have you covered. Do you require formwork plastic fillet to add in grooves that match very specific measurements? We can help. Do you need other formwork accessories, from ties to props to cutters for plastic formwork fillet? We have those items in stock, as well.

Best of all, our team is always available to guide you towards the right product or to tell you about the benefits of buying through us rather than our competitors. For instance, if you need to purchase formwork nails in Gold Coast, you’ll be glad to know that our version of these bright bullet head nails is crafted from the highest grade steel and come in resealable 15kg tubs, which make them easy to transport to or around the worksite.

If you are in the market for formwork fillet in Gold Coast, meanwhile, then our plastic fillet is a good option. This fillet is durable and flexible, but it is also sturdy enough to resist cracks or breaks when you drive a nail into it. Our plastic fillet is also weatherproof, which means that you will typically be able to reuse it for several projects. We also offer fillet cutters, which are crafted by heat treated carbon steel and finished with phosphatic and chrome. If you are trying to get a specific size mould with your fillet, these cutters will make life easier for you.

Count on SPI Equip for Your Formwork Accessories in Gold Coast

When it comes to buying formwork moulds, formwork nails, formwork accessories or formwork panels in Gold Coast, it’s difficult to do better than SPI Equip. We offer a selection large enough to warrant the description of ‘one-stop shop,’ and our extremely knowledgeable customer service team is always standing by to help you find the right product. To learn more about us, or to start shopping for a specific product, get in touch today.