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Before any structure large or small can truly begin to take shape, formwork must come first. Whether it sets the stage for pouring a foundation slab or allows for the preparations necessary to create a wall and more, the project won’t move forward without everything in place as needed. For dedicated formwork providers and construction firms who handle this essential work on their own, it’s important to procure a reliable supply of all the products necessary to erect guiding structures safely and on time. At SPI Equip, we carry an extensive range of high-quality products, including durable steel formwork nails and even fillet for unique approaches to creating visually appealing structures.

We understand the twofold importance of good formwork. First, a job done right the first time with quality materials reduces delays and delivers a structure that meets all the appropriate standards. Second, the materials must be cost-effective and, where possible, reusable — not only to reduce environmental impacts but to save room in your budget and boost your bottom line. SPI Equip, with its extensive range of products and industry experience, can help you identify the most suitable options. Consider the usefulness of some of our best solutions, such as GEOPLAST formwork and fillet.

Sourcing formwork for today’s job and tomorrow’s too

While the traditional choice for formwork has often been to use steel or wooden boards anchored by a variety of shoring devices, ties, and nails, the GEOPLAST system offers something altogether different. With a modular design, there’s no tedious measuring, cutting, and re-cutting of boards as your team works to create the right shapes for the formwork. Instead, the lightweight and rigid plastic slots into place precisely as you need; when more length is necessary, it’s easy to add additional panels. GEOPLAST also features a variety of shapes and sizes, including formwork for columns. Combined with the correct plastic formwork fillet, you can develop a system for business that saves money and time on every job.

The cost savings are very real. Consider what happens when you use timber to build formwork. Many of the boards may be unusable after the concrete sets, or they may only be good for one or two more jobs. With GEOPLAST, that’s not the case; easy to maintain, each piece can last through a hundred uses or more before requiring replacement. As a result, you not only save money but plenty of time regarding procurement and setup too.

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Are you interested in exploring this system, or in acquiring additional equipment to augment your current formwork building abilities? SPI Equip has everything you need available in one convenient location. Tap into our team’s rich experience when you face a problem you aren’t sure how to solve, or when you’d like guidance into which solutions will work best for a given job. With competitive rates and a top-tier level of service, we hope to be your go-to source for today’s job and tomorrow’s, too. Visit our contact form for an easy way to get in touch now.