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Lanotec release agent is a miraculous little product, helping those using formwork to keep surfaces clean and secure. Whether you are using the release agent on concrete or plywood surfaces, it can help prolong the life of any material, something extremely important to utilising formwork. Using Lanotec release agent in the Gold Coast is trusted amongst an array of builders using formwork, for stripping and preserving purposes. At SPI Equip, we offer some of the best deals on Lanotec release agent in Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast area, helping builders get the solution in quickly and efficiently. If you have been looking for a retailer of Lanotec release agent here in Gold Coast, look no further. As a trusted retailer of formwork supplies and more, you will be sure to find just what you are looking for when shopping with us.

Why So Many Builders Trust Lanotec Release Agent in Gold Coast

Lanotec release agent is the release agent for builders in Australia, for many reasons. At SPI, we proudly stock our shelves with the solution and offer cost-effective options because we understand the high demand for it amongst builders here in Gold Coast. Here are just a few reasons why so many have come to trust Lanotec release agent in Tweed Heads and Gold Coast.

Corrosion Protection: When using formwork, keeping tubes and fittings free from corrosion is extremely important. If your tubes and jacks start to rust, it can ruin a whole project and require you to start again from scratch. Lanotec release agent protects your equipment, keeping your tubes, jacks, and joints free from corrosion so that your formwork is safe and secure.

Prolonged Plywood Life: When you use plywood, it can often wear away fast from the materials you are using and natural factors such as rain or severe weather. Using this release agent protects against this, prolonging the life of your plywood surfaces so you can continue working as usual. This way you save time and money, getting the most out of your materials.

Safe for Almost All Materials: Lanotec’s specific brand of water and lanolin-based solution means that it can be used across various materials. Whether you are working in PVC, fibreglass or rubbers, the release agent will not harm your materials. This means that you can rest assured knowing your material is safe.

Contact Us For Your Release Agent Needs

If you are working with Lanotec release agent in Tweeds Head or beyond, get in contact today. We work with builders of all sizes and projects and are sure we have whatever you need. With cost efficient solutions and the best value for your money, we work to get builders in Gold Coast the best bang for their buck. If you have any questions feel free to let us know, as our staff is always available to answer any of your questions.