Wherever a building project begins, formwork is sure to follow in some form or another. Without it, pouring concrete into the appropriate shapes and sizes is simply too difficult; with it, this highly durable building material can be used to create extremely long-lasting structures.

Have you made the creation of durable, reliable formwork your trade? If so, you know that there is a constant demand for formwork. To meet this demand and satisfy your customers, it’s essential to keep on hand all the formwork accessories and tools necessary to carry out your job. Do you have what it takes to create the falsework for a series of columns? What about architectural flourishes where panels meet, or shoring to brace heavy loads while the concrete sets?

At SPI Equip, our team is here to help you answer these questions. Whether you’re replacing worn out accessories or looking to stock up on new items, so you can expand your service offerings, you can tap into the well-curated catalogue put together by our experienced professionals. Our goal is not to provide a shopping experience that leaves you to your own devices. Instead, we pledge to not only deliver quality regarding products, but in terms of customer experience as well. Consider how we can help you identify the right formwork panels and more based on a prospective job.

Working with an experienced supplier of formwork

Every job is a little different, and that means no two formwork installations will be the same. However, re-usability is a key component in maintaining your ability to create sturdy concrete installations quickly. For example, the props you rely on for a sturdy system should use high-quality steel and comply with all relevant Australian standards. Catch decks must be the right size for both worker safety and for creating the right results. Even certain accessories, such as a release agent that will make it easy to dismantle formwork after the concrete has set, must be able to work in harmony with the other materials you’ve chosen. Our catalogue delivers that peace of mind; everything we’ve selected is ideal for many building applications.

When you feel like a stock solution will not deliver the formwork panels necessary for the task in question, SPI Equip can provide custom boards based on your requirements. With a wide range of supporting accessories, including shoring, brackets, and ties, equipping your builders with everything necessary for a job well done is simple and straightforward. We can even help you build out an order by beginning with the budget you have in mind and selecting an array of products that align with both the operational goals you have in mind and real-world restrictions.

Explore your options and select the ideal equipment

To begin building your order, discover all our formwork products now. Make notes as to which products look most suitable to your needs, and jot down any questions you may have about materials or our services. When you’re ready to discuss placing an order and building a partnership with SPI Equip, we look forward to hearing from you.