Shoring Systems

Shoring Systems

A strong foundation is essential when building any quality structure, so when stability matters, you need the right shoring systems in place to keep your team safe and make sure your structure is sturdy and secure. Check out our range of shoring systems which includes:

  • Shoring
  • C50 Shoring
  • C60 Shoring

When you’re working with old buildings or those that need remodelling, there are things to keep in mind. Sometimes you may have to break down part of structures, such as walls, ceilings and beams in the restoration process. However, in doing so, these structures may become compromised, no longer stable on their own. That’s where shoring comes in, and we carry top quality at SPI Equip.

Shoring is the act of building structures that are temporarily set in place to support permanent structures that are no longer stable. They’re essential for buildings that are being repaired or wholly excavated. In short, they are support structures that allow the construction site to remain safe. Without them, it’s unwise and impossible to complete the job.

As Australia’s leading supplier of construction equipment, we supply a full range of formwork accessories, including shoring. We’ve been in business for over 16 years, so we know what’s needed to deliver construction products that are reliable, safe and support your build project goals.

Our ultimate goal is supporting your building project. With each client, we’re ready to impart our wealth of knowledge and advice to ensure they get exactly what is needed to achieve success. We’re driven to see our customers reach sustainable results, and due to this, we’ve built a solid reputation in delivering innovative tools for construction and formwork companies.

One Quality Product for Shoring That You’ll Want to Have

Browse our selections of shoring products that will remove the danger on your renovation or excavating site. We recommend SPI C50 Shoring. It’s a durable and sturdy conventional shoring system. Lighter than our C60 system, it’s available in many frame heights, and the bonus is that if you don’t see your ideal height among our offerings, we’ll make other sizes on request.

Additional benefits of our C50 system is that it has a 700 mm spindle that is longer than others and is tested locally to AS3610, thus delivering approval for single height and multi-height use. The frame is also made with high tensile steel and has a 4mm wall.

You can’t go wrong with our shoring systems. Once they’re set in place, you can concentrate on more pressing activities regarding your build, knowing that your weakest structures are secure, and you and your builders are out of harm’s way.

More About Our Service That Will Reassure You We’re the Way to Go

Before you start your rebuild or excavation project, visit us. Don’t risk using other tools that are not designed to hold weak structures or go with a company whose products are unfamiliar.

We’ve made a name for ourselves due to not only delivering quality products but service that’s proven how much we’re invested in our clients’ projects. We’re part of the industry, having worked closely with formworks, builders and construction teams. Along with this, we continue to stay up to date with advancements in construction tools ensuring that you get the latest in top industry standard products.

Contact us today and plan for a successful project that will allow you and your builders to walk away not only with impressive results but an all-clear safety report as well.