Aftek Fairing Coat Mortar

Fairing Coat Mortar is an innovative mortar solution designed for building and construction projects. It provides excellent coverage, high adhesion properties, durability, and a fast setting time. This product offers superior performance in applications such as bricklaying, floor slabs, light partition walls, pre-cast panels, window frames and much more.


  • Perfect for patching, levelling, and repairing various surfaces.
  • Up to 5mm coverage in a single application.
  • Strong enough to be used in high-stress areas such as door and window frames or to level uneven surfaces and create a smooth finish.
  • Fast setting making it ideal for repairing or patching hairline cracks and filling holes in pre-existing structures and surfaces.
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor projects
  • Can be used to lay brick, blocks, stone, slate and other materials.
  • High adhesion properties mean it can be used on most surfaces, including concrete and masonry substrates.


  • Fairing Coat Mortar is a high-quality mortar product with enhanced adhesion and strength.
  • It is easy to apply with an ordinary trowel and sets quickly, creating a durable finish with good coverage.
  • Its high-grade formulation is resistant to impacts, water damage, and weathering, making it the perfect choice for outdoor applications.
  • Its low shrinkage rate ensures a flat surface with minimal cracks and voids.
  • Fairing Coat Mortar is also lightweight and economical.

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Weight 20 kg

Each, 64 per pallet

Aftek Fairing Coat Mortar