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One of the top reasons that concrete formwork fails is inadequate bracing. When the formwork is improperly braced, there is nothing to prevent the formwork from moving around due to wind or other external factors. This motion—even if slight—can have hugely negative ramifications on the final concrete cast. It may even demand a total, from-scratch reset. At SPI Equip, we help you prevent this kind of failure with high quality push pull props.

How Push Pull Props Work

A formwork push pull prop has a long list of uses, but the number one application is to plumb and align formwork being used to create a concrete wall. By holding the formwork in the right position—and taking the brunt of wind loads and other forces—a push pull prop stops the formwork wall panel from falling forward or backward. A prop of this ilk is crucial for any project that demands a concrete mould to be cast in a vertical position. Since most buildings demand this type of concrete walling, props tend to be a common sight on construction sites.

At SPI Equip, we offer push pull props in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and throughout Australia. Our props have been designed and engineered with care to deliver the most dependable service possible. Every support we sell is crafted from high tensile steel and coated with zinc to maximise durability. While we only stock two sizes of props, each buttress is designed with adjustability in mind. Both sizes of props come with threads on both ends and can be adjusted through a simple turning mechanism. As a result, any SPI Equip prop should offer a large enough range to brace any formwork wall you have in mind.

The adjustability of our props makes them invaluable tools for any construction company, builder or formworker. Because the buttress can be easily adjusted on the fly, it’s not difficult to tailor them to suit the needs of a vertical formwork mould. Even minute adjustments can mean the difference between a piece of formwork that is stable and one that shows subtle (but crucial) signs of movement. Our props allow you to eliminate any movement for a thoroughly, adequately braced formwork design.

Customers also purchase our push pull props in Gold Coast and Tweed Heads because their adjustability makes them easy to reuse. With the large range of bracing capability that either size of prop can provide, it’s possible to use these props over and over again on any project that uses formwork. There is no need to purchase new bracing tools every time you have a new formwork design, which saves money and time alike.

Get Our Push Pull Props in Tweed Heads or Gold Coast Today

Do you need an adjustable push pull prop with a durable design that you can rely on, even in demanding circumstances? At SPI Equip, we can meet those needs every time. Give us a call today to learn more.