Choosing the Right Type of Shoring for Your Next Formwork/Construction Project in Gold Coast or Tweed Heads

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The word ‘shoring’ refers to a process of bracing or stabilising a building or structure on a temporary basis. By using props (or ‘shores’), it’s possible to hold up a structure that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have the strength to stand up on its own. On the context of concrete formwork, shoring refers to bracing formwork while the concrete inside the mould cures and gains strength. The shoring, in this case, needs to hold the formwork in place so that the concrete inside can cure into a floor, wall or whatever other structure it is supposed to become.

SPI Equip: Offering Two Types of High Quality Shoring in Gold Coast and Tweed Heads

At SPI Equip, we work with builders and form workers in Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and throughout other parts of Australia to simplify the form working process. We accomplish this feat by offering high quality products and accessories for formworking, including systems for shoring.

Currently, SPI Equip makes two conventional shoring systems: C50 and C60. Both types of shoring are available in a variety of different heights and spacings. This way, we can meet the needs of many different building projects while still relying on the same shoring designs.

Which type of shoring is right for your project, you may ask? If so, you would not be the first customer to raise this question. When customers are considering SPI Equip for shoring in Gold Coast or Tweed Heads, they naturally want to know the difference between these two systems. We will attempt to answer that question clearly and succinctly below.

In essence, C50 is meant for light or medium bracing loads, while C60 is ideal for more substantial or higher loads. SPI C50 is lighter weight. The exact bracing weights of these products will vary depending on the sizes you choose, as well as the design of the formwork that requires bracing. Both C50 and C60 can be stacked for multi-height use, which impacts bracing loads. However, as a general rule, you would use C60 for higher load projects and rely on C50 for less demanding works.

C50 or C60? Get Advice from the SPI Equip Customer Service Team

It is difficult to identify the exact weight/load barrier between C50 and C60 without knowing the specific details of your project. However, if you believe your project is on the borderline and want some advice on whether you need the high load C60 system, you should reach out to us. Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Based on a few details about your project, they will be able to tell you which form of shoring is ideal.

Of course, we would also be happy to answer any other more general questions you might have, whether about our shoring in Tweed Heads and Gold Coast or our other formwork products. To start a conversation with one of our customer service representatives, give us a call today.