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Tie bars, also called tie rods, are deformed steel bars or connectors used in concrete construction at a joint to hold the faces of abutting slabs together. Bar ties are intended to align elements of poured concrete, not to act as direct load transfer devices. Of several types of tie bar that are used in the construction industry, a Z Bar is considered the most economical high-performance construction steel product on the market.

Advantages of Using Z Bar for Construction

A major disadvantage of using metal tie rods in formwork construction is the rapid corrosion of steel in moist conditions. When exposed to wet concrete on a construction site, tie bars soon start showing signs of rust. Z Bar consists of an inner metalised zinc layer to provide cathodic protection and an outer polymer membrane that acts to maintain anode-to-steel continuity during installation and concrete curing. Even when bent and shaped, the coating of Z Bar retains its integrity, ensuring that no cracks develop that might let in moisture.

Z Bar is a premium, high-performance reinforcing steel that holds up well to harsh environments with a high risk for corrosion, such as areas where de-icing salts are used and for marine applications. It’s the ideal reinforcing steel to use for projects such as military infrastructure, transportation, commercial construction, public and institutional facilities, and pre-cast concrete product manufacturing. Z Bar is made of high levels of recycled raw scrap material, ensuring that it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

How is Z Bar Used?

When using formwork, present-day contractors can cast and construct the parts of a building which are required to support the structure, such as floors and walls, instead of building it out of separate elements. By using support structures and moulds and pouring concrete in them, it’s possible to achieve construction more easily and quickly.

Tie bars are needed to hold forms in position while the concrete is curing, and sometimes to connect forms when pouring consecutive slabs. In some types of construction, the bars are left in place while in others they are removed together with the forms after the concrete has set. Z Bar has self-clearing threads which make it easy to remove elements after the concrete has set. SPI Equip stocks premium quality Z Bar as well as tie systems and connectors that you will need to put your framework together.

Contact SPI for Z Bar in Ipswich and Brisbane

SPI Equip QLD is conveniently situated to provide Z Bar for your construction project anywhere in Australia. When you are looking for Z Bar in Ipswich, or need fittings for Z Bar in Brisbane, our Queensland branch can provide a solution tailored to your needs. As an added service, we can cut Z Bar to length for your requirements, making it easier to transport and saving you time on site. Contact SPI today for a quote for Z Bar and formwork tie systems for your construction project.