Waler Beams Overview

What is a Waler BEAM?

Formwork waler beams provide critical structural support within concrete formwork systems. As calculated by formwork designers, walers are installed at set intervals to transfer concrete loads vertically onto the main supporting members, known as soldiers. During the pouring and curing of concrete, the walers help prevent unwanted deformation of the formwork panels by resisting lateral pressures. Their spaced installation across the formwork allows concrete loads to be safely distributed to the soldiers, maintaining the intended concrete shape until it fully sets. Well-designed waler systems are essential for quality concrete construction.

Waler beams reinforce formwork frames during construction.

What is the Purpose of Walers beams?

Walers beams play a crucial role in concrete construction by reinforcing formwork frames horizontally and enabling them to withstand concrete pressure during pouring and curing. Properly installed Walers prevent deformation of vertical formwork members, maintaining structure shape and alignment.

What to Consider When Choosing Waler Beams for My Construction Project?

Budget is an important consideration for any construction project. It’s important to assess how materials may be utilised not only for the current project, but also potential future projects. Choosing beams suited to your working practices is key – whether materials will be handled manually or with cranes. Commonly available waler options on the market include aluminium and timber beams, each with strengths and limitations for different needs.

Walers and soldiers, also known as strong-backs, provide the crucial support structure for formwork plywood to form the moulds for pouring concrete. They act as the backbone of any formwork system.

Our SD Beam soldier offers a versatile multi-purpose solution that is easy to work with on-site. As a modular high-tensile galvanized steel beam, it features a bolting assembly system and accessories that allow for straightforward fabrication. The hot-dip galvanizing also provides excellent durability in diverse construction conditions.

The galvanized steel used in SD Beams provides excellent durability in construction applications:

Galvanized steel waler beam
SD Beam

SPI Equip: Tailored Solutions for Construction

When selecting formwork or waler beams for your construction project, it’s important to find a quality-driven supplier that can provide customised solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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