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We have a wealth of experience across the civil and commercial construction industries.

Putting a building together takes careful planning and execution. Just as it’s essential to have the right materials to ensure that the result will be strong, sturdy and as magnificent as envisioned is the tools to put it together. Inferior tools equal sub-standard results.

An excellent solution to consider is push pull props. These props are designed to support large weights. They come in handy when you need to hold the roof or ceiling to remove walls during construction. They can also pull framework structures together in addition to supporting them. Without these props, having a successful construction project is impossible. So don’t ignore or skimp on getting high quality supports. Consider SPI Equip for reliable push pull props in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Located in Sydney, Brisbane and Texas, we’ve been in business for over 16 years and are a leading supplier of construction equipment in Australia.

When it comes to construction, we support every aspect of the industry, providing top quality and a full range of formwork accessories and tools. Customers love us for our competitive prices, and it’s our goal to keep them low so that you can access exactly what you need to get the job done right.

Our products are innovative and focused on current industry advances. This ensures that you get the same tools as those who build state of the art and contemporary structures. Due to our dedication to delivering the finest and our wealth of knowledge that we transfer to our customers, we’ve become a trusted supplier and manufacturer of construction equipment in Australia. You can’t fail by choosing us.

The Value Behind Our Push Pull Props in Ipswich and Brisbane

You’re aware of what push and pull props do. Besides the obvious are other benefits, having quality props that hold up to their name is not only reliable but safe. A defective strut can lead to disaster, even to injury that requires medical attention. Not only can’t you afford to put yourself at that kind of risk but your builders as well. Therefore, consider a company that knows the science behind what it takes to develop props that are built to last.

Our props are made of high tensile steel and are zinc coated, ensuring they can endure a significant weight. They’re available in two sizes for convenience and come with base plates. Perfect for plumbing of formwork shutters, they have threads on each end and are adjustable, thus allowing an extensive range for each size. Their ends are also compatible with our SD Beams.

Our Customer Service Makes Getting What You Need Effortless

When you’re ready to use our product, you’ll appreciate our service. We’re here to answer questions and offer sound advice on which products are ideal for your build project. Since we take the time to understand your needs fully, we’re able to deliver service tailored to you. Our ultimate goal is to save you time and help you overcome challenges so that you can successfully build something that will last for years to come (perhaps even generations). Contact us today to get your build project on the road.